Hi, I'm Becke and I'm a professional shit shuffler and occasional designer. I started junk hunting at a young age, picking from dumpsters, yard sales and thrift stores and the obsession has stuck with me ever since.  Although I tend to lean toward a minimal, military style in my own home, I appreciate a wide array of decor styles and try not to stick to any particular aesthetic when I'm sourcing. 

In addition to running my shop, I offer prop sourcing services for film, television and theatre. I also accept wholesale orders and product requests from vintage and antique stores located in the GTA. Looking for new stock and have no time to source? Get in touch and let me know what you're looking for. 

I try to blog as much as I can but, let's face it, Instagram and Twitter have taken over the lowly world of blogging for the most part. For more frequent photos and updates make sure to follow me there so you don't think I'm an internet deadbeat.